What is a sky replacement?

Sky replacement is a process where the sky in the background of an image is exchanged for a more attractive sky.

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Why virtual tours are boosting online property sales

Virtual viewings give prospective buyers the opportunity to experience their dream home without stepping foot in the property itself.

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How to use HDR merge to edit a real estate photo

High dynamic range (HDR) is a technique that professional real estate photographers use to create more light in their images, that injects richer colours and balances shadows and highlights.

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A trip to Vienna: Adding a sky replacement to holiday images

Autoenhance.ai recently updated our sky replacement feature. In my blog post, I take you through replacing the sky in my architectural images from my trip to Vienna. 

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How to use Autoenhance.ai to edit your real estate images

Autoenhance.ai is a quick solution to cut down your editing time and speed up your workflow.

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How to replace the sky in a real estate photo with photo editing softwares

If the weather’s bad on the day that the property photos are being taken for listings, then the property images can appear dull and dark.

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