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How to use HDR merge to edit a real estate photo

Lucy McInally

High dynamic range (HDR) is a technique that professional real estate photographers use to create more light in their images, as images tend to be quite dark. This process injects richer colours and balances shadows and highlights. Some cameras include HDR mode, but others don’t. In this case, you can merge multiple images together during the editing process to increase dynamic range with photo editing service.

We launched HDR merge in September 2021, after many users requested that we include this feature in our software. can merge 2, 3, 5, 7 and even 10 brackets into one high dynamic range image and enhance with our highly capable AI. We enrich HDR enhancements with our sky replacement and perspective correction features, and create an evenly lit image where quality isn’t compromised. 

To use HDR merge with, go to our web app and turn on HDR using the slider on the right-hand side, before uploading your images. 

Combine a minimum of two images together for merging, including an underexposed image, normal image and over exposed image.

Our HDR merge feature enlarges dynamic range and brightens to create a high quality image enhancement. 

Enhance your images instantly with

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