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How to use to edit your real estate images

Lucy McInally

Do you take professional real estate photos for agents to list on the real estate market? And does it take you hours, even days, to make your images perfect for listings? Whilst photo editing softwares like Photoshop and Lightroom require lengthy hours during the editing process, is a quick solution to cut down your editing time and speed up your workflow. In this blog post, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to using to edit your real estate images. 

We’ll start on our website. Clicking the “enhance image” button on the top-right hand corner of your screen takes you to our web app. Click on the uploader box to open your files and select the property images that you would like to edit. Once the images are selected, our AI photo editor takes only a few seconds to enhance your images, which start to appear on your screen. 

The original image is on the left-hand side of your screen and the enhanced version is to its right. There are three main features of sky replacement, relighting image and perspective correction. When you upload an external property image to, our AI will detect the grey overcast sky and replace it with a beautiful blue sky, which makes your images seem like they were shot on the best days of summer. You didn’t want our AI to replace the sky? Then click the edit button on the right-hand side of your image and slide the sky replacement bar to switch it off. Click “make changes” and our AI will take away the sky replacement. You can also turn off the perspective correction tool so, if you took straightened external or internal images, you probably won’t need our AI to adjust this. Finally, the relighting image tool brightens your image, making the grass in external images more vibrant and it increasing the white balance in an internal image. 

It’s now time to download your enhanced images. You can either download images one at a time or download your entire order. Download your images in low resolution if you’re trying out for the first time, or if you have a subscription with, you can download your images in high resolution for images to a professional quality. Simply sign into your account first. Your images will download into your files and then you’re ready to use them. 

Still wondering how to use to edit your real estate images? Check out our demo video. 

Give photo editor a try. 

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