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How to replace the sky in a real estate photo with photo editing softwares

Lucy McInally

How to replace the sky in a real estate photo with photo editing softwares

Replacing the sky in a real estate photo transforms an average image into a fantastic one which attracts prospective buyers to property listings. The weather in the UK can be volatile; when property images are shot on a grey day, the property can appear dark, dull and unappealing to prospective buyers. Fortunately, the photo editing process can improve this with features available using photo editing softwares, including sky replacement. In this blog, we’ll share how to replace the sky in a real estate photo with photo editing software.

Replace the sky using Photoshop

Photoshop is the photo editor’s tool of choice. It offers a plethora of features for image enhancement and is used to improve brightness, saturation and perspective. To replace the sky in a property photo, an editor will use the quick selection tool to omit the sky in an image and then add a new layer behind the image for a new sky. Whilst this might sound straightforward, Photoshop is a complex tool that requires years of experience to achieve a high-standard enhanced image for real estate marketing. Meanwhile, there are alternative photo editing softwares available for easy user experiences, such as background remove tool. Upload an image to the web interface and the background will be immediately detected and removed, ready for downloading. The new foreground image can be placed into Photoshop and a new background layer placed behind with a sky of choice.

Before and after exterior property image enhancement using Photoshop.

Replace the sky using Luminar AI

Whilst familiarity of Photoshop is recommended for photo editors in the property marketing industry, there are photo editing softwares available that don’t require any experience of manual tools. For instance, Luminar AI is an automated software with the ability to make multiple improvements to images. Upload a property photo to the application and select the desired features for the final enhanced image. Sky replacements are not limited to blue skies either, the software offers many skies that can even change the time of day the image is taken, such as the golden hour feature. However, when the sky is replaced for a drastically different one, the overall image needs brightening. Although this tool is more straightforward than Photoshop, using Luminar AI can be time consuming and manual input may be required.

Before and after exterior property image enhancement using the Luminar AI golden hour feature and sky replacement tool.

Replace the sky using

Using a truly automated photo editing software, like, will cut down time spent photo editing. Upload an image to the API and receive instant enhancements for property listings. Powered by AI, photo enhancer detects an overcast sky in a property image and replaces it with a bright blue one, making the image seem like it was shot on the best day of summer. If the final outcome doesn’t suit the image, the editing dashboard can be used to change the sky replacement image. Not only does replace external skies, it can also detect and replace grey skies through windows in interior shots. Additionally, photo enhancer will automatically brighten images taken on dull days, as a well-lit image will attract viewers to an image and evoke feelings of relaxation, which will help sell a property faster.

Before and after exterior property image enhancement using sky replacement feature.
Before and after interior property image enhancement using relighting tool.

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