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What is a sky replacement?

Lucy McInally

When a prospective buyer is searching property portals for their dream home, they want to see what a property can look like on the best days of summer. However, the UK is well known for grey skies and gloomy days, and it’s rare that a property shoot takes place on a sunny day. Consequently, an exterior property image featuring looming grey clouds can look dark. Grey days also impact interior shots, which seem dull. Luckily, the sky can be replaced with photo editing software. 

Sky replacement is a process where the sky in the background of an image is exchanged for a more attractive sky. If this is a switch from a dull grey sky to a bright blue one, the foreground and other elements of the image will need to be brightened. A sky in a property image can be replaced automatically with instantaneous photo editor.

For photographers, a sky replacement feature lets them relax knowing that however the weather turns out on the day of their shoot, they can replace the sky in an image during the editing process. Meanwhile, estate agents know that more attractive, brighter and colourful property images lead to faster sales at a higher price. 

To use sky replacement feature, go to our web app and ensure that the sky replacement slider is switched on before uploading and enhancing your images.

A drop down selection is located below the slider, which includes various sky packs for your enhanced images. Select your sky preference from a variety of UK and US summer and winter sky packs. 

Enhanced with UK summer no cloud sky replacement

Enhanced with UK winter no cloud sky replacement

Enhanced with US summer cloudy sky replacement

Based on your selection, our AI photo editor will instantly replace the sky in your image. You can download your images and use them for listings on property portals.

Enhance your images instantly with 

Say goodbye to grey skies

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