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3 reasons why high quality real estate images sell a property quickly

Lucy McInally

How do you sell a property faster? It might surprise you that quick property sales aren’t down to factors like listing the best looking properties or properties in the nicest locations. In fact, properties that sell quickly are listed with high quality images. Realtor Magazine found that listed properties with professional photographs were viewed 61% more than other properties listed at a similar price. But, why do property listings with high quality images sell faster? In this blog, I’ve shared 3 reasons.

The rise of online viewings 

First impressions count, and the rise of online viewings leads to additional pressure to make property images stand out on portals. If you’re having a general nosey for properties, you’ll likely scroll through hundreds of images on portals like OnTheMarket. It’s difficult to choose which property listing you’ll look at in detail, but you might choose the listing that you’re visually most attracted to. Maybe that first image is an exterior shot of a property against a beautiful blue sky. Why are you attracted to this image? Well, who doesn’t want to imagine themselves in their dream home on the best day of summer! However, in the UK, it can be difficult to time a property shoot with a sunny day. Many exterior property images taken on overcast days end up with a dull grey background. However, this can be easily fixed with photo editing softwares like; upload an image to the web app and our AI photo editor will replace the grey sky with a bright blue one in seconds. With options for a UK winter, UK summer and US summer sky replacement, editors can now choose which season their images will represent. 

Viewers are attracted to brighter images

If you’re wondering why you’re attracted to an exterior property image with a blue sky rather than a grey one, then it’s because viewers are psychologically attracted to images that are bright, colourful and well-lit. Colour affects the level of emotional arousal in viewers, with consideration of hue, saturation and brightness. For example, warmly lit property images evoke feelings of excitement in viewers. Images that are rich in colour and saturation elicit feelings of happiness, and a bright image induces feelings of relaxation. Warmer and brighter images that are rich in colour will attract more viewers, leading to greater property demand and sales. Although it can be difficult to achieve all of these elements whilst taking photos, particularly because natural lighting has a big impact on interior shots, photo editing softwares can be used to make improvements. Our AI has been trained on thousands of images so it’s learnt that property images should be bright and clear for property listings. Upload an interior shot to our web app and the relighting image feature returns a brighter enhancement instantly. 

Viewers are attracted to well positioned images

A professional property photographer will know all about focal points and dominant lines. When they shoot an interior space, they focus on the diagonal point where the corner of a room meets. This makes the room seem larger and more appealing to viewers. Professional photographers also use lines to lead the viewers’ eyes across the image, making it seem more attractive to viewers and leading to greater property demand and sales. When a photographer doesn’t ensure that the lines in an image are straight, and this is often the case when amateur photographers take photos of real estate, then photo editing softwares can be used to resolve this. Upload images to our web app and our perspective correction feature will detects wonky lines and automatically straightens them in seconds. 

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