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3 benefits of using automated photo editing software for property images

Lucy McInally

Towards the first step of finding their dream home, 44% of US buyers searched online, whilst only 16% contacted an agent, reports the 2019 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers by the National Association of REALTORS. Prospective buyers require sufficient information about a property; an online listing should include both high quality imagery and a detailed description. Images are particularly helpful, found 87% of buyers who initially searched for their home online. Listing a property on the market involves a collaborative process, with an agent either shooting a property themselves or working with a professional real estate photographer to capture the property in its best light. Afterwards, they’ll either edit the images themselves or outsource to an external photo editor, however, manual photo editing can be a slow and expensive process. Automated photo editing is an efficient alternative for enhancing property images. Here’s 3 benefits of using automated photo editing software for property images. 

Edit property photos faster

Typically, professional real estate photographers spend their mornings shooting properties and afternoons editing images. This can be a long process that pulls a photographer away from what they love doing most - taking pictures. It might also hinder their ability to take on more jobs. Whilst photographers can fortunately outsource to external photo editors, they might not receive their enhanced images for a couple of days and this slows down the process of listing a property on the increasingly competitive real estate market. Using automated processes, including - an AI photo editor - enhances workflows. For years, Alex Harvey, Partner at Thomas Harvey Properties, brightened, sharpened and cropped property images himself using time consuming manual editing tools. He recently began using our AI photo enhancer to save time. Alex rates our professionalism, finding “far more beneficial than we expected…I hope to be using this service for the foreseeable future”.

Receive high quality property images

Properties listed with professional images sell faster and at a higher price; REALTOR magazine found that properties listed with high quality images were viewed 61% times more than other properties listed at a similar price. Images have a psychological impact on viewers, who are attracted to brighter and more colourful images. A property listed with a beautiful blue sky in the background is more attractive to viewers yet, as the UK is frequently grey and overcast, a property shoot might not take place on a sunny day. If this happens, then our automated image features come in handy, including sky replacement, that switches a grey sky in an image with a blue one. Automated photo editing software doesn’t compromise on quality, our photo editing software is trained on thousands of real estate images that learns which elements in an image make for a great property listing to industry standard, from blue skies to perfect perspective to attractive colours. 

Save money on photo editing

Traditional photo editors charge £1 per image enhancement. This can get expensive if a photographer frequently outsources image editing or has large batches of property photos that require enhancing. Meanwhile, automated photo editing reduces costs; image editing starts from as low as 5p per image with Beth Dady, Managing Director at Paisley Properties, says “I was initially skeptical [about using photo editing software], as it was another cost I wasn’t sure we needed. However, the system is easy to use and very efficient, so it doesn’t cause any delays to listing properties…the time it saves staff, from editing photos and revisiting properties, to getting sunny pictures, far outweighs the small cost”.

Enhance your images instantly with

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