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How AI photo editing benefits estate agents

Lucy McInally is delighted to announce that our integration with UK property portal  OnTheMarket is now available to estate agents registered with OnTheMarket!

It’s a busy time for estate agents. A recent article from The Guardian declares that UK house prices are booming, with an increase of £33,000 on the average house price since March 2021. Towards listing a property on the market, agents typically work with professional photographers who outsource photo editing to companies that use manual photo editing processes. But, it can take up to 48 hours for agents to receive enhanced images. is an AI photo enhancer that instantly edits property images and speeds up agents’ workflows to meet the increasing demands of this competitive industry. We’ve partnered with OnTheMarket to offer our instantaneous photo editing service to their agents. 

We recently spoke to some of our users about how AI photo editing benefits their business. Beth Dady, Managing Director of Yorkshire-based Paisley Properties, says:“I was initially skeptical, as it was another cost I wasn’t sure we needed. However, the system is easy to use and very efficient, so it doesn’t cause any delays to listing properties.” Beth uses via the OnTheMarket dashboard. She praises “the time it saves staff, from editing photos and revisiting properties, to getting sunny pictures, which far outweighs the small cost.”

As viewers are psychologically attracted to bright and colourful images, a listing that shows a property on a sunny day stands out to prospective buyers on property portals. Meanwhile, if a property shoot takes place on an overcast day, the dull lighting darkens the image. Editors will relight the images and replace grey skies with bright blue ones, but this can be a slow process. With, our sky replacement feature is instantaneous and the quality of our image enhancements help agents sell a property faster

As professional property photography often relies on manual labour and complex editing tools, photo editing is typically expensive and time consuming. For many years, Alex Harvey - Partner at Thomas Harvey Properties - brightened, sharpened and cropped property images himself. This was a time consuming process, and so using via the OnTheMarket dashboard benefits their business as it saves time. They also like that they can view the edited images before downloading them. Alex rates the professionalism of our service and the reasonable cost: “ has been far more beneficial than we expected…I hope to be using this service for the foreseeable future!” 

Proptech is essential for the real estate industry. It increases efficiencies, reduces costs and enables scalability. OnTheMarket is currently building a suite of cost-effective products and services for agents that deliver innovation within the sector. This is what our partnership aims to achieve. By “bringing innovation in image enhancements to a wider audience of agents, [this] will help [OnTheMarket] quickly and easily create professional-quality photography for their listings and marketing campaigns”, says our Founder and CEO, Jamie McInally.

Chief Executive Officer at OnTheMarket, Jason Tebb, shares

“The team has harnessed AI technology to provide a platform that provides property professionals with results instantly, saving [agents] both time and money…By adding to our growing number of ‘best in class’ commercial partnerships, we’re equipping our agents with another truly innovative and smart solution.” 

Our partnership with OnTheMarket provides estate agents with free access to image enhancements for their OnTheMarket listings. 

Enhance your images instantly with

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