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5 property technologies for a hot real estate market in 2022

Proptech solutions have a massive potential to innovate the real estate industry.

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3 reasons why high quality real estate images sell a property quickly

How do you sell a property faster? It might surprise you that quick property sales aren’t down to factors like listing the best looking properties or properties in the nicest locations. In fact, properties that sell quickly are listed with high quality images.

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How we enhanced 3 Christmas movie houses with automated photo editing software

When I’ve searched online for images of Christmas movie houses, I found that some of the property images seem too dark. So, I uploaded them to

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How we enhanced 3 Grand Designs property images with automated photo editing software

We reckoned some of the Grand Designs properties might have been sold on and listed on the real estate market since their completion.

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How do you sell a home that has been a cornerstone for your family life for 35 years?

My family moved to Woodside Cottage in 1985, right before I took my A level exams.

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How much is a property photo worth?

In this two-part blog, I’m discussing whether higher quality property photos can increase a property’s selling price. Part 1 focuses on external photos whilst Part 2 talks about improving internal images.

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