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How we enhanced 3 Grand Designs property images with automated photo editing software

Lucy McInally

How we enhanced 3 Grand Designs property images with automated photo editing software

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the TV show Grand Designs? Beautiful houses and stunning locations. Oh, and Kevin McCloud’s sceptical criticisms which provide great entertainment value! One of the most enjoyable parts of watching the show is seeing how the home owners make their creative visions into a reality. The show has been around for a good few years now - 21, in fact - so we reckon some of the properties might have been sold on and listed on the real estate market since their completion. It’s important to remember that when a home is being listed, the property images should look fantastic. So, we took mediocre images of 3 Grand Designs properties, and enhanced them with automated photo editing software. 

The Isle of Skye House (series 12)

The Isle of Skye house is allegedly one of Kevin McCloud’s favourite Grand Design properties. The design is fitting for the property’s location, with a dramatic landscape surrounding the property. But, what happens when the photos of this property are shot on a grey and overcast day? We took a dark photo of the property exterior and uploaded it to photo editor. The image was brightened using the relighting image feature, which makes the property the focal point of the image. The sky replacement feature added a beautiful blue sky. Now, this image looks like it was shot on the best day of summer! Just look at that lush green grass and clear sky - the property definitely looks more appealing and it will most likely sell faster if it were listed on the property market, as viewers are attracted to brighter images. 

Kennington Water Tower (series 12)

The Kennington Water Tower is an example of a Grand Designs property that has already been listed on the UK property market, after it featured in a tense episode of Grand Designs in 2012. The owners of the renovated property risked everything (including £2 million) on the renovation of a Victorian water tower that was originally built in 1867 to supply water to the nearby Lambeth workhouse. The finished property was worth it - the 10 storey property has incredible views of the London skyline. However, the house was listed on the property market for a couple of years before it sold...maybe the property images weren’t up to scratch? We uploaded exterior and interior shots of the Kennighton Water Tower to, and the AI photo editor returned brightened interior images and reduced the exposure on the exterior image.

The Fossil Shell House (series 18)

Another Grand Design property build that ended up being horrendously over budget was the Fossil Shell House. The curved building was designed in the shape of a fossil shell,located on the site of a beautiful meadow in rural Devon. The curved interior spaces “unfurls like a fern” and the internal exposed beams are shaped like rainbows. Yet, if this property were listed on the real estate market, it might be tricky to communicate the amazing feel of the space when it is only viewed online initially. We enhanced an exterior and interior photo with; the enhancements both appear brighter and a sky replacement was added to the exterior shot which unfortunately was taken on a grey day in the original image. Now, the property images shows off the natural beauty of the interesting property!

Give a try!

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