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How we enhanced 3 Christmas movie houses with automated photo editing software

Lucy McInally

It might only be the start of December, but I’m already feeling festive. My tree is up and I’ve even begun watching the classic Christmas movies to get excited for this winter season. Whilst I’ve been watching these famous films, I’ve noticed there’s some pretty iconic buildings featured, like the McCallister mansion where the child star, Macauley Culkin, fends for himself whilst home alone, or the cute countryside cottage that heartbroken Kate Winslet swaps with Cameron Diaz for a holiday to the States. When I’ve searched online for images of Christmas movie houses, I found that some of the property images seem too dark. So, I uploaded them to photo editor to make them brighter and replace the overcast skies for bright blue ones. Check out how we enhanced 3 Christmas movie houses with automated photo editing software. 

Home Alone

Source: Chicago Tribune

Who remembers this giant of a house that 8 year-old Kevin McCallister has to himself for a couple of days in the hit movie Home Alone? This mansion was a chaotic scene at the start of the film, when the extended family rushed around preparing for their Christmas getaway to Paris. They were so busy that they forgot their youngest family member! Poor Kevin was left home alone and (spoiler alert) ended up protecting his family home from two prolific burglars. I discovered this image of the mansion from Home Alone and, whilst the home itself looks somewhat festive, the image has a large grey sky looming over the property. After uploading this image to, the automated photo editor immediately added a beautiful blue sky and brightened the image. Look how vibrant and green that front lawn now looks!

The Holiday

Source: House & Garden

Aaah, what a calming scene; this quaint English cottage became the iconic country retreat for American movie producer, Amanda, whilst she gets away from her busy work schedule and (another spoiler alert!) finds love with a charming Englishman played by Jude Law. Although the original image of Rosehill Cottage looks very festive - the snowy rooftops are a romantic sight - it also seems quite dark. This pushes the property to the background of the image. When I uploaded this image to, the relighting image tool brightened the image to make the yellow exterior much lighter and brought the property forward in the image. In the enhanced image, you can even make out the sweet Christmas wreath on the front door. This scene now looks bright, light and super Christmassy.

Harry Potter

Source: Wow News Today

Now, I know this property image isn’t from a classic Christmas film, let alone a festive one at all, but I couldn’t resist enhancing a photo from Harry Potter. Look how Christmassy the famous Hogwarts school of wizardry looks when it’s covered in snow! The original image portrays a classic Harry Potter scene - Hogwarts surrounded by a dark sky. When I enhanced the image with, the sky replacement tool replaced the grey sky with a beautiful blue one. The enhanced image also looks much brighter. Now, this image seems like it’s of a bright blue day at Hogwarts.

Check out more classic movie property image enhancements from our blog post on how much  a property image is worth. 

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