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Redefining the Future of Real Estate Photo Editing

Jamie McInally

At, we're embarking on a thrilling journey with one clear goal in mind: to redefine the future of real estate photo editing through the power of artificial intelligence. Our aim is simple yet profound – to become as proficient at enhancing real estate photos with AI as human editors are.

Why is this Our Goal?

Several compelling reasons fuel our mission. First and foremost, we're dedicated to helping our customers drastically reduce processing time and cut costs significantly. In doing so, we enable them to not only expand their businesses but also save precious time, increase their earnings, and provide superior service to their customers.

What further propels us is the immense interest and demand we're witnessing from the real estate industry. The need for advanced image editing solutions is growing at a remarkable pace. In this ever-evolving digital landscape, we're convinced that the potential of new technologies holds the key to enhancing real estate editing processes.

The Future of Real Estate Photo Editing

So, what does the future of real estate photo editing look like in our vision? It encompasses AI with the ability to discern what defines exceptional real estate images. This AI understands not only the visual elements within original images but also possesses the skill to edit these images in a manner akin to human expertise. Additionally, our AI is designed to continuously learn, adapt, and improve.

We’re taking on this challenge with great enthusiasm, ignited by our pursuit of innovation and seeing the results we've booked already. Our goal for the end of this year is to benchmark the quality of our AI at every level and to develop automated scoring systems to assess its proficiency. With users spanning the globe, we have access to a vast dataset which will help us to build algorithms and AI models that cover a wide range of real estate photos and edge cases. On top of that we're dedicated to building a feedback ecosystem that involves collaboration with customers, real estate photo experts and automated tests to further improve our enhancements.

What Have We Been Working on So Far? was one of the first to automate sky replacements with AI, providing a glimpse into the potential of AI in real estate imagery. Our next challenge is to improve AI models like these to create perfect sky replacements every time you’re uploading another exterior photo. To reach this level of consistency, we have been building custom AI tools to retrain our existing AI models.

We’re doing the same with our AI perspective correction model that’s taking care of straightening your images. Our custom tools allow professional editors to manually straighten images of which our AI learns to dissect structural elements that need to be perfectly vertical and horizontal.

The Future is Looking Sharp

We’re dedicated to building tools like these and combine it with our benchmarking goals to further improve every step of our image processing pipeline. Expect continuous updates for merging your HDR files, improved white balance, colour cast removal and many more elements that are essential to get to those perfectly edited real estate images we’re all striving for.

At the heart of our ambition lies the goal of processing images at their native resolution, maintaining unmatched clarity and finesse in every image. To accomplish our goals, we are expanding our AI team and intensifying our interactions with customers and editing experts to understand their evolving needs better.

As a sneak preview, we are excited to share that we're working on the ability to automatically detect windows and edit those separately to bring back exterior details, a feature that promises to revolutionise real estate photo editing.

Let's Get Cracking

We're excited to forge ahead on our journey to redefine real estate photo editing with AI. With a commitment to innovation, a dedicated team, and a clear vision, we're poised to achieve remarkable milestones in the field. We will be sharing our improvements more regularly in our blogs. Also, your feedback is essential in reaching the level we’re envisioning. Please let us know anything that would help you and we’ll get cracking.

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