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How we enhanced 3 dream UK holiday home images using automated photo editing software

Lucy McInally

How we enhanced 3 dream UK holiday home images using automated photo editing software

Whilst this summer, only 4% of Brits reportedly travelled abroad, it hasn’t stopped people from planning a holiday. From visiting coastal Cornwall to the highlands of Scotland, this year Brits have used their new freedoms granted by the UK government to explore some of the best locations that the UK has to offer. And what better way to have a summer holiday than to stay in unique accommodation? Airbnb is one of the most popular online platforms offering holiday homes via a shared economy model. The platform offers an easy user experience for hosts to upload their property listing, the photos of which are often taken by hosts themselves. This means that several exceptional properties listed on Airbnb don’t look great, due to poor image quality. These images can be easily edited with automated photo editing software; I’ve trawled through Airbnb and enhanced 3 dream UK holiday homes images using automated photo editor. Check out our favourite holiday properties...

The enchanting Kent windmill

On my hunt for an interesting Airbnb property listing, I came across this enchanting windmill in Kent. Windmills are a popular architectural feature seen across Kent - originally designed as agricultural machinary. And Kent, known as the Garden of England, is a beautiful location for Londoners seeking refuge outside the Big Smoke. The gorgeous countryside, easy access to the coast and sunny weather attracts many during the holiday season. So why not stay at the windmill for a week or two? The exterior looks idyllic, only that the sky in the exterior images looks overexposed and the foreground is dark. When I edited the exterior photo with, it replaced the original sky with a blue sky and the image was brightened, making it seem lighter and exemplifying more details than the original image, such as making the greenery stand out. The interior pictures of the rustic kitchen and living room were clearly taken by a professional photographer, however, they appear dark. When edited these images, the enhanced images were much brighter. A well-lit interior will provoke feelings of relaxation in viewers, attracting more people to the listing.

The tranquil Devon lodge

Since the pandemic began, Devon and Cornwall have become hotspots for British tourists. A county between two coasts with stunning rolling hills, Devon is an attractive destination. I’ve wanted to visit Devon and Cornwall for a couple of years now, so I might have been influenced to look for a listing on Airbnb in my search. There are lots of beautiful properties listed, but this lodge really stood out, probably as it’s the exterior is bright blue and striking. And the hot tub makes this listing even more appealing! Imagine relaxing with a glass of wine on a summer evening with an incredible view of the rural landscape - it’s a shame that the property photos were taken on an overcast day. Whilst well-lit property images on the real estate market sell faster, it’s also true that high quality and well-lit Airbnb property images are booked faster than others. So having a blue sky in an image is worth it. Luckily, using photo editor, I replaced the grey sky in the image as well as replaced the sky seen through the windows in the bedroom shot. All interior shots were also brightened. Now this listing looks like the photos were shot on the best day of summer. I might have to book the Devon lodge next summer then!

The rugged Isle of Skye cottage

The Isle of Skye is known for its dramatic landscapes and wild weather; Lonely Planet have named Skye as the best place to visit in Scotland. This property listing exemplifies the spectacular scenery on Skye, however, the large dark grey cloud in the exterior image really looms over the property and overpowers the image. It makes this property almost seem scary! I uploaded the property photos to which replaced the sky with a much calmer blue one and it brightened the image to make the greenery more lush. This listing now looks a lot more attractive for a summer break. The interior shots have also been improved, originally they looked dark and poor quality, as if a filter has been applied to the photos, which reduces image quality. The enhanced images are brighter and lighter, showcasing the beautiful Scandi interior that the host has implemented into their property.

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If you’re interested to learn more about enhancing your property images, check out our recent blog on how to edit a real estate photo.

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