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How to relight a real estate image with photo editing software

Lucy McInally

How to relight a real estate image with photo editing software

You just got back from an open house with your photographer, and they shot some great images for the property listing. But when you upload them, they seem too dark. And that won’t do - a recent study about the demand of Airbnb properties explains that when a property image has sufficient lighting, the content is clearly presented to viewers who’re attracted to pixel brightness. Meanwhile, dark and unevenly lit images induce feelings of harshness. So, what can you do to improve your property images? Luckily, there are photo editing softwares that will help relight a real estate image. In this blog post, we’ll explain how easy it is to simply lighten up a room with photo editing softwares.

Relight a real estate image using Adobe Lightroom

Adobe softwares is a real estate photo editor’s software of choice. To relight an image using Adobe Lightroom, first adjust the image exposure by dragging the exposure slider towards right until it reaches +1. This will brighten up the whole picture without making any other adjustments. Next, sharpen the image as desired by dragging the sharpness slider left or right depending on whether you want more or less sharpening respectively. Lastly, use adjustment sliders such as contrast and saturation for additional tweaking, if necessary. This useful tool may take a little time to get the perfectly lit property image, but is well worth it if you need to relight the image and reach the desired effect for property listings.

A manual enhancement using Adobe software.

Relight a real estate image using manual photo editors

If you don’t have the time to edit the images in Adobe nor the expertise to use manual softwares, there are photo editors who can help. Many photographers who’re strapped for time will outsource to external photo editors, in order to spend more time on what they love most - taking photos. Our recommended outsourcing photo editors include Doctor Photo, BoxBrownie and PhotoUp, as it’s easy to upload photos and they provide excellent quality and customer service. As these photo editors have knowledge of the expectations for the real estate market, the returned enhancements will be well-lit and to a high standard.

A manual enhancement undertaken by a photo editor at Doctor Photo.

Relight a real estate image using

The great thing about photo editing tool is that it’s completely automated, so you don’t need to faff about with different settings to achieve the desired effect, nor outsource the images and wait to receive enhancements. Simply upload your image to the web interface and you’ll receive an enhancement instantly. As the AI has been trained on thousands of images, it’s learnt exactly what a property image fit for listings should look like. Therefore, the enhancement is brighter and clearer than the original, which will attract more viewers to the property images, and likely lead to a faster sale.

An automated photo enhancement with

Try photo editor!

If you’d like to learn more about the difference between automated and manual photo enhancements, give #AutoenhanceChallenge a go.

Check out our blog post about how to edit a real estate photo.

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