Jamie McInally


Our CEO and Founder, Jamie McInally, is a self-taught AI nerd who’s built tech for big corporations in the UK. A serial entrepreneur and innovator, Jamie founded Autoenhance.ai with a desire to disrupt the image enhancement software with AI.

Blog Posts

Ready for 2024: What We Have Learned So Far

While 2024 is getting off to a good start, it's the perfect moment to reflect on the milestones and challenges that defined our journey in 2023. From rapid growth to redefining our focus, it has been a great adventure.

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Redefining the Future of Real Estate Photo Editing

At Autoenhance.ai, we're embarking on a thrilling journey with one clear goal in mind: to redefine the future of real estate photo editing through the power of artificial intelligence.

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How we built a photo editing AI for the property marketing industry

Using Autoenhance.ai we have instantly enhanced the original image on the left (from the camera) into the image on the right.

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