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Why editing product images for ecommerce platforms is so important

Lucy McInally

Insider Intelligence predicts that in 2022, US ecommerce sales will reach $1 trillion for the first time. Ecommerce is a huge business, which has accelerated even more over the last couple of years due to the pandemic. As online shopping is more convenient and oftentimes cheaper than physical shopping, it’s likely to stick around for a long time. But, have you ever thought about the factors that lead to online transactions? According to customer research conducted by Etsy, product imagery is regarded as the most important factor in decision making than postage costs, reviews and the price of items. However, 40% of Etsy sellers find product photography challenging. If you struggle to take good product images, you can improve your images during the editing process. Read on to learn why editing product images for ecommerce platforms is so important.

Online shoppers trust high quality product images 

Online shoppers tend to have concerns about the authenticity of products sold online and they want to see and touch the products before buying, especially luxury goods and electronics. Sometimes this isn’t possible, for example, if a store has run out of items or illness impacts the shopper’s ability to physically visit the shops. In these cases, buyers will rely on online shopping. Claid.AI explains that online shoppers trust high quality product images over low quality photos, as well as trusting high quality images over stock imagery. A generic image is not convincing enough for online buyers. 

Most returned products are caused by misleading imagery

A study conducted in 2017 found more than 90% of participants bought items online due to their representation in photos. Clear and detailed product images influence buyers’ decisions. Not only does image quality make a difference, but the more photos used for product listings, the more likely an online shopper will buy those products. According to a research paper about the role of product form in online purchases, multiple product images on ecommerce platforms have led to an 58% increase in online sales, regardless of product category. The more expensive a product is, the more shoppers want to take a good look, and they also want to see high quality images before purchasing. 

Online shoppers are visually attracted to good imagery

Etsy explains that online shoppers are attracted to compelling product imagery. No matter how fantastic the product might be in reality, if the photos don’t look good, then you won’t sell as many as you would with high quality product images. The main elements for an aesthetically pleasing product image include: high resolution imagery that shows the product in focus and preferably with an option to zoom in, a clean background that doesn’t detract attention from the product, and vibrant, bright and high contrast images showing a product’s natural colours. 

These elements can be useful towards staging a product shoot, but the images will also need enhancing afterwards to make them look even better. Our AI improves product image quality and brightness, by detecting dark elements in an image and instantly enhancing it. With, you can upload your images to our web app and within seconds, you’ll receive enhanced images ready for product listings on ecommerce platforms. 

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