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Introducing V3.3

Justin Knaven

We're excited to announce the release of V3.3, a significant upgrade that builds on our commitment to providing professional quality real estate image enhancements. Our latest version pushes the boundaries of what's possible with artificial intelligence, delivering even better enhancements. Over the past half year we have been talking extensively with a lot of customers to hear about their feedback. On top of that, professional real estate image editors have reviewed each step of our enhancement pipeline so we knew exactly where to improve. Based on the responses of our customers and professional editors, we knew we had some work to do.

Watch a presentation from Jamie, our CEO, about our focus and what we’re working towards at

Let’s dive into our latest updates. We’re happy to share V3.3 is now able to:

Create more realistic and vibrant colors

A very challenging task while automating real estate image enhancements, is to prevent that the enhancement looks like a general filter that’s been applied to the entire image. Experienced image editors know that walls need to be edited differently than floors for example, which results in a more realistic enhancement. By using advanced deep learning methods, our AI is now able to improve colors on different parts of the image.

Improve local contrast, textures and exposure

V3.3 is able to identify subtle variations in contrast and textures to enhance the overall visual appeal. By employing advanced neural networks, V3.3 excels at preserving fine details while intelligently boosting local contrast. This results in improved textures, for example in wooden floors or furniture, which contributes to a heightened sense of realism. We also improved the way the images are exposed, resulting in less overexposure and better overall balance.

Optimize perspective correction

With V3.3 we completely rebuilt the way perspectives are corrected in an image. is now able to understand the structures in an image and has learned which elements need to be straight. It also knows when an image should only correct verticals, horizontals or nothing at all. Read more about this challenge here.

Previous version V3.3

V3.3 is currently only available for our API users, but we will release it to our web app soon as well. Watch this video where we go more into detail about all the improvements for V3.3:

More feedback = better enhancements

One of our key goals is to provide consistency to our customers. We want you to know what you’re going to get when uploading an image to Therefore we’re constantly improving our AI models to get to 100% good results every time. One of the ways we’re going to do this is by enabling you to provide feedback to images that require improvements. We then manually review these images, feed this information back into the AI models and retrain it to get smarter. You can find our new review button just below the download button for your images:

Future improvements

We’re only just getting started with our challenge to enhance real estate images as good as a professional editor. We’re improving the way we merge HDR brackets to increase dynamic range and we will revolutionize interior images with automatic window pulls. Another improvement will be our Auto Privacy feature that automatically detects and blurs sensitive elements within an image, like picture frames and license plates. Watch this sneak preview to see more:

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