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How UK estate agents registered to OnTheMarket can access AI photo editing software

Lucy McInally

Our partnership with OnTheMarket was mentioned in Estate Agent Today, The Negotiator, Online Marketplaces, Property Industry Eye and Property X. Jason Tebb, CEO of OnTheMarket, also wrote a LinkedIn article about our partnership.

Proptech is becoming essential for the real estate industry; it increases efficiencies, lowers costs and enables scalability. Improving property photo editing processes is an example of this. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re providing more UK estate agents access to our AI photo editor through our new partnership with OnTheMarket

The UK’s third biggest property portal, OnTheMarket enables estate agents to list properties on the real estate market. It started in 2013 as a collective of leading estate agents and letting agents who envisaged disrupting the UK portal market to offer “a fresh, modern look to property hunting, while providing estate agents with a fair, reasonably-priced model”. OnTheMarket launched their website in 2015. Two years later, the portal started attracting over 10 million visits per month. Last year, former estate agent Jason Tebb was appointed CEO of OnTheMarket, and the company started a major development roadmap. They announced partnerships with award-winning data specialists Sprift and leading tenant referencing firm Canopy, and added new features to their interactive platform to increase “lead and valuation opportunities for customers.”

Autoenhance partnership with OTM provides estate agents with unlimited free access to image enhancements for their listings. Additionally, once the service is launched, OTM agents can download up to 50 high resolution image enhancements for free, via OTM Expert. These enhancements can be used on other portals and the agent’s own website and marketing materials. enables agents to upload their property images and receive instant enhancements. With features including sky replacement to switch an overcast sky for a beautiful blue one, relighting an image to achieve perfect contrast and perspective correction, improves the quality of property images. We’re also 8,000 times faster than manual editing processes, which reduces waiting time to receive image enhancements from human photo editors by up to 48 hours.

The integration is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2022 but for OTM agents who can’t wait, contact to access this deal.  Try our AI photo editor!

Read the official press release about our partnership from OnTheMarket. 

Read more about our story of how we built a photo editing AI for the property marketing industry.

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