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How to edit a real estate image for Airbnb listings

Lucy McInally

If you’re a proud owner of an Airbnb property, then I’m guessing you put a lot of effort into offering a comfortable space for guests. When you first listed it, you probably staged your property and took the photos yourself. Were you satisfied with your images? If the answer is no, then you’re not alone; a study called How much is an image worth? Airbnb property demand analytics leveraging a scalable image classification algorithm found that a large number of Airbnb hosts were unhappy with their own property images, because they made their properties appear smaller. That’s why using high quality property images is so important; the study suggests that professional photos increase the occupancy of Airbnb properties by over 17% compared with properties listed without professional property images. You might not have the budget to hire a professional photographer. But, you can make changes after taking your photos with photo editing softwares. In this blog post, I’ll share how to edit a real estate image for Airbnb listings. 

Correcting perspective in a real estate image

When a professional photographer shoots a property interior, they focus on a central point in the room and use the lines in a space to lead viewers’ eyes. Often the focal point is the diagonal point where the corners of a room meet, which makes the space appear larger in images. To make this pleasing to the eye, it’s paramount that the lines are straight. Many amateur photographers don’t check this before taking interior shots, so the images end up wonky. This doesn’t appeal to viewers searching for their weekend getaways. However, you can resolve this using tools such as the Photoshop grid function to manually straighten your images. However, this requires paying for and installing the software in advance. If you’re short of time or money, upload your images to, and  the AI photo editor will correct perspective in your images automatically.

Correcting colour and brightness in a real estate image

According to the study, colour is believed to affect the level of emotional arousal in viewers. There are three dimensions of colour - hue, saturation and brightness. The study suggests that images with warm hues leads to greater property demand, as it evokes feelings of excitement in viewers. In an image, the higher the levels of saturation, referring to the richness of colour, the more it elicits feelings of happiness in viewers. Meanwhile, less saturation is associated with sadness. A greater demand for property is associated with property images that are warm and rich in colour. Additionally, a bright image will induce feelings of relaxation in viewers. So, a property image that evenly distributes brightness leads to greater demand. However, achieving these elements during a photoshoot can be challenging. Instead, most professional photographers manipulate their images during the editing process to warm up an image, increase saturation and brightness. Although you can do this manually, it does take a great deal of time to master editing programmes like Photoshop and Lightroom. For an easier experience, you can use Luminar AI or Let’s Enhance to improve your images with a touch of a few buttons or, if you’d like a really hands off experience, upload your images to The relighting image feature detects these elements in your property image and makes them more attractive to viewers. 

Replacing a sky in a real estate image

I’ve shared how to improve interior property images…but what about exterior shots? If you didn’t take photos of your Airbnb property on a bright sunny day, then consider editing your images. A dull property image simply doesn’t stand out, and you want your potential guests to imagine themselves staying at your Airbnb property on the best day of summer. For an easy background removal tool, upload your images to and the tool will remove grey skies. You can then download it and take the image into Photoshop to add a background layer. If you want to use a faster tool, then upload your image to the web app. The AI photo editor instantly removes the grey background and replaces it with a beautiful blue one. With our new sky pack, you can decide whether the background represents a UK winter sky, UK summer or US summer sky.

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