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How property photography businesses can benefit from AI

Lucy McInally

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while now, but only recently has it begun to truly disrupt industries. And the property photography industry is no exception. When it comes to editing photos, property photographers are implementing AI into their processes to speed up their workflows, cut costs and free up their time to get more business. In this blog post, we’ll explore how property photography businesses can benefit from AI. 

Using AI speeds up workflows

For property photographers, a typical day used to involve shooting properties during the day and editing in the evening. As this made for a long work day, many photographers opted to outsource the editing process to external photo editing companies. However, outsourcing involves a long waiting time; it can take 24-48 hours before photographers receive their enhanced images, which are then ready for property listings. This waiting time is too long to meet the current demands of the market. So, how does a photographer cut down their editing time or time spent waiting for enhanced images from external editors? The answer is using automated photo editing softwares, like, which is trained to instantly detect features in an image during the instantaneous editing process. Let’s take our sky replacement tool as an example, which is trained to detect an overcast sky in an exterior property image. Once the sky is detected, the algorithm will calculate the horizon and replace the grey sky with a beautiful blue one. If the photographer doesn’t like the new sky, they can easily turn it off using the editing dashboard and the AI will change the blue sky back to grey. The image is then ready for downloading and listing on the property market.

Using AI costs less

A few months ago, we interviewed a group of property photographers who told us that they outsource their photos to external companies for photo editing. We found out that these editing companies typically charge between £1-3 per image enhancement. Whilst it makes sense for a person to exchange their time for money, it doesn’t make sense for a computer to follow suit. Consequently, enhancing property images with automated photo editing services costs far less. With an subscription, property photography businesses can enhance hundreds or even thousands of images at the same time at a much cheaper fee. Whether it’s enhancing 1 image or 100 images, the AI takes no time to edit and return high-quality image enhancements. If a photographer wants to test the software out first, they can download the images in low resolution free of charge. Our enterprise subscriptions cost as low as 8p per image enhancement, depending on the number of images a company will enhance per month.

Using AI increases business

By moving away from manual processes and opting for a more efficient solution, property photographers have more time to do what they love the most - taking photos! With more time freed up, property photographers can take on more jobs. Editing photos with automated softwares will also increase output for property photography businesses. Using a cheaper service, like, enables property photography businesses to invest more money in their company, on things like recruiting more photographers to grow their portfolio. 

Read more about the questions to ask before outsourcing photo editing services. 

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