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5 tips for real estate photo editing

Lucy McInally

Higher quality real estate images listed on portals will lead to an increased demand for sales. However, even the best professional property photographers struggle to produce amazing property images if a shoot takes place on a bleak day. With the increasing number of photo editing softwares available to use, photographers can enhance their images ready for listings on the real estate market. Whether a photographer chooses manual photo editing softwares - like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom - outsources to photo editing services - including Doctor Photo and BoxBrownie - or uses automated photo editing softwares - such as, Let’s Enhance and, it all comes down to improving the elements in an image to attract more viewers (and increase sales). In this blog post, I’ve shared 5 tips for editing a real estate photo. 

1. Perspective correction

When they’re shooting a property, real estate photographers will focus on a central point. For interior spaces, the focal point is the point where the corners of a room meet, to make the space seem larger. Photographers use dominant lines to lead viewers’ eyes around an image; it’s important that these lines are straight to make the image aesthetically pleasing. If a photographer takes property images with wonky angles, then the perspective can be corrected during the editing process. 

2. Colour and brightness

Did you know that colour and brightness in an image has a big impact on property sales? Viewers are more attracted to images where brightness is sufficient and evenly distributed,  as brighter images induce feelings of relaxation. If a property shoot takes place on a dark day, then the levels of brightness can be increased during the editing process. Additionally, attractive property images are rich in colour, as colour affects the level of emotional arousal in viewers. This relates to saturation; an image with increased levels of saturation elicits viewers’ feelings of happiness. Finally, warmer hues in an image evokes feelings of excitement in viewers. If you want to excite a prospective buyer, then ensure that the final property images have accounted for the three dimensions of colour.

3. Replacing the sky

Bright and colourful property images can be achieved naturally but, as the UK is well known for its grey and overcast skies, it can be difficult to time a property shoot with a sunny day. Photographers are out shooting properties everyday, so they won’t wait until the sun comes out to take photos. A dark exterior image doesn’t draw viewers’ eyes to the property itself, so many property images require editing to make improvements. Luckily, most photo editing softwares replaces the background in an image with a blue one, which will help a property listing stand out.

4. Object removal

Even professional photographers can’t prepare for a property shoot when a property hasn’t been staged and items are littered across the floor. This is especially true for family homes, where children’s toys make regular appearances. If a prospective buyer isn’t looking for a family home, then they definitely won’t be attracted to a property with toys strewn across the garden. Fortunately, objects can be removed during the editing process, and a bit of blending and retouching fills the spot where the object was once located. 

5.HDR merge

High dynamic range (HDR) injects richness of colour into an image. Whilst many professional photographers use a camera with HDR mode, some don’t. In these cases, a photographer will shoot the subject several times with different focuses, and then merge them together afterwards during the editing process. Merging the image together balances shadows and highlights.

Upload property images to the web app and receive instant image enhancements with improved brightness and colour, perspective and sky replacement. We recently introduced HDR merge to our functionality. Whilst we’re still looking to automatically remove objects from images, we currently hand over object removal requests to Doctor Photo. 

Try photo editor now!

Read more about editing property photographs in our blog post on how to edit a real estate photo. 

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